Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Salesmen of Yesterday!! Mary Zimmerman

Mary Zimmerman from Wisconsin

I managed to track down Mary in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It was fairly easy to track her down since she is living in the town she grew up in and, oddly enough, even though she is married she still has the same name.

Matching Dragoons: So, first off, Mary, what's with keeping your maiden name?
Mary Zimmerman: Well I didn't, I married a man that has the same last name as me.
MD: Uh... I have to ask. Is he any relation?
MZ: Nooooo, well, he wasn't before we married.
MD: Ok, I just wanted to check. So you met your husband...
MZ: Mary
MD: What?
MZ: His name is Mary.
MD: Wait, you, Mary Zimmerman, married a man named Mary Zimmerman?
MZ: Yes
MD: That's just too weird, but anyway, about your selling for the American Seed company you were quoted as saying, "It's an easy way to get money and prizes." What prizes did you earn?
MZ: That was a long time ago, but I think I got a record player, a camping tent, a Barbie, and a makeup mirror.
MD: Wow! You were quite the salesgirl!
MZ: And a sleeping bag, an air rifle, and a pony
MD: A PONY!?!? You actually got a pony?
MZ: I was the first person to actually sell enough to earn a pony. I was also the first person to earn a car.
MD: A CAR!?!?! My gosh Mary, how many packets of seeds did you sell?
MZ: I'm not sure, I think it was around half a million or so.
MD: I'm not even gonna ask how you managed that. So what do you do for a living now?
MZ: I'm a writer.
MD: Really? Do you write much?
MZ: Oh, tons. You may have read some of it. How about this "CanadianPharmacy will satisfy all you pharmaceutical needs."
MD: You're a spammer?
MZ: I call it viral marketing expert.
MD: Well, I won't say that I'm surprised.
MZ: Could you give me your email, I may remember more about working for American Seed.
MD: Oh, that's ok. I think I have all I need.

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Tony J said...

Too funny!!! I found an old comic book so I thought I'd google the name/company, you're blog was the only link that showed up.