Monday, August 11, 2008

Pitchman-A-Go-Go #36

If all else fails, get yourself a polaris nuclear sub made out of 200lb. test material and it SHOOTS MISSLES AND TORPEDOES!!!! (Can you tell I always wanted one of these?) It also had an electrically lit instrument panel. How fantastic is this?

purchased from the Canadian Navy Surplus Store in Burnaby BC.
Obligatory joke: What's long, round and full of seamen?
A submarine. hee hee hee


Sea-of-Green said...

Wow, that would definitely be banned by modern parental watchdog groups -- which, of course, means it's an incredibly awesome toy. :-)

SallyP said...

Of course back then, $6 was like...a bajillion dollars! I also heard these were all sold to the Austrian Navy.