Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Greetings to the new folks!

Of course, I've been getting a ton of new traffic because of the new Jonah Hex film coming out. Thanks for stopping by. I thought I would make things a little easier for folks looking for what they want by providing some links to the articles that seem to be getting the most traffic.

First up, some background on Jonah Hex:
The story of his scar told in Jonah Hex #7 and Jonah Hex #8.
The story of the Fort Charlotte and Quentin Turnbull.
His start in bounty hunting in Jonah Hex #30 and Jonah Hex #31.

Of course, folks will want to know all about Quentin Turnbull and Cassie.

What about the death of Jonah Hex? It's right here

Folks will also want to know about my trip to the filming, part 1 and part 2.  Interviews with the actors and director can be found at the top of the page.

What about Jonah ending up in the future? Well, we're working on that and haven't completed the 18 issue journey, but we're halfway through and you can catch up here.

Aaaaand what about Jonah Hex fighting zombies and that weird "Doc" Cross Williams? Since I'm going through the books as they were published, we haven't gotten there yet. Hope to be there in about 10 weeks.

Other items that might be of interest? My commentaries on the many phases of Jonah Hex, starting with the Early Hex, the Historical Hex, and the Tragic Hex. Coming soon, the Ongoing Hex, the Displaced Hex, the Bizarre Hex, the Guest Hex, and the Current Hex.

There are other goodies in the side gutter, including an interview with Michael Fleisher, my thoughts on Mei Ling, and the problems with a Jonah Hex timeline.

Again, thanks for coming 'round and sitting by the fire for a bit. Hope we can answer any questions ya might have and at least entertain ya for a spell.

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Dwayne, you're just a Hexaholic.