Monday, June 14, 2010

Home, safe, excited and sad

HOME! Spent the weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate my Mother-in-Law's birthday and we come home and just miss the biggest flood in Oklahoma City in 500 years! I'm not just making this crap up. The local news station did the research and the most rain that our region should expect in ANY 6 hour period over 500 years is 8 inches. Between 04:45 and 10:45 we managed to get 9.46 inches dumped on us.

SAFE!!! Our home was safe but the creek running through the neighborhood did leave its banks and cross a road (meaning that a creek normally 6 inches deep was running about 11 feet deep)

EXCITED!! Friday!! I'm all excited about Friday to see Jonah Hex and I am sooo happy I have the day off. I'll be at the first showing and reporting as soon as I can.

SAD!! I'm a big fan of Route 66 and Neon signs and I just read two sad pieces of news. The Riviera Restaurant was destroyed by fire last week. This place was notorious on Route 66 for being an old speakeasy and had the most bizarre underground restaurant with homemade concrete stalactites hanging from the ceiling. I stopped there a few years ago and got some photos. The second piece of bad news is that the Route 66 Bowl in Oklahoma City has been sold to a local grocery store. The 66 Bowl had one of the better neon signs in the area with multiple lights mimicking a bowling ball smashing into a  pile of pins. No word on what will happen to the sign. Hopefully someone will buy it and restore it.

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SallyP said...

I'm glad you're safe and sound. I read about the floods in Oklahoma and wondered how you were doing. Duskdog, who is one of my other blog buddies, lives in Nashville, and her house DID get caught in a flood!

It's been a bad year for floods!